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Q: What Payment Methods does Ztronics accept?

A: Ztronics accepts major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, Discover, etc.) We also take debit and Paypal, (Note: At this time Ztronics does not take AmEx)

Q: Where is Ztronics Located?

A: Ztronics is located in the wonderful city of Santa Ana California.

Q: What are your store hours?

A: Mon-Thursday 5am - 3:30pm, Fridays 5am - 1:30pm

Q: Is Ztronics open to the public?

A: Yes, you may drop off and pick up your serviced laptop at our Santa Ana location Mon-Thurs from 7am-3pm, and Fridays 7am-1pm.

Q: Where do I send my laptop to?

A: Our Repair Center Address is:

Ztronics Repair Center

2076 South Grand Ave

Santa Ana, California 92705

Q: What is the average turnaround time on a laptop repair:

A: Average turnaround time is 1 to 2 weeks (Shipping time is included).  Depending on where you are shiping your unit from.

Q: After my service is completed, how much time do i have to pay for my service?

A: Customers have 4 days to pay for thier laptop service.  Unless further instructed by a technician, After 4 days if payment is not given or scheduled, ztronics will remove any parts placed by the tech, and the laptop will go under abandonement after 30 days.

Q: What is the repair process like?

A: All the machines sent in to us go through a 3 step process.

Step 1: Receiving and inspection: Once your laptop comes in, our receiving dept will check in the laptop and notify you that the laptop is now in our possession.

Step 2: Your laptop is then assigned to only one technician. This technician will be in contact with you through the repair process. The Technician will give you a full system report once diagnostics has been completed and advise you on whether it needs repair or a simple tune up. Technician will not install or repair anything on your laptop without your consent.

Step 3. Once your laptop is repaired. You will be contacted or transferred to our sales team to verify your shipping information, preferred shipping method and any additional fees that may apply due to upgrades or additional hardware replacement.  *note, expedited shipping, will be paid for by customer.

Q: What happens when i forget to pick up my laptop?

A: Ztronics gives a customer plenty of time to pick up thier laptop, because we cannot have items sitting in our warehouse we give the customer 30 days from after the service to pick up their laptop, We will notify customers through email, and by telephone, if we do not hear from a customer within the specified time frame, the laptop is considered abandoned.  The laptop becomes possession of ztronics to scrap out as they see fit.

Q: Is my trade in an even swap for the M17x?

A: No, The money you recieve for your trade in is subtracted from the overall cost for the M17x.  So lets say we buy your M7700 back for 275 and the M17x is 1200.  The total cost would be 925 you save nearly 300 dollars.

Q: Is Ztronics Alienware Authorized?

A: Yes, Ztronics is an Alienware Authorized repair center.

Q: Ztronics Suppliers?

A: All service parts are original Alienware.